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What is the REAL cost of using a Urinal that spills and having to use diapers and catheters? 

Humiliation, exhaustion and frustration…and the risk of bedsores and urinary tract infections.  NUMBER ONE Male Urinal seeks to be the new standard for the industry and the first line product for male incontinence –so more invasive products are used less.

NUMBER ONE'S Patented "S" Curve Opening

The NUMBER ONE Male Urinal is designed by a Caregiver-Inventor aiming to resolve inadequacies commonly found in flawed male urinal bottle designs and unsanitary catheter components.

Slip, Tip and Spill Resistant.

• Patented “S” Platform keeps the body OVER the urine & resists forward spills
• Wide, wedged base fits under the thighs giving hands free use
• Day Glo lid to find in the dark!
• Durable construction and finished edges
• Directions to clean/deodorize the bottle are molded onto the textured base.
• Typical urinals hold 75cc at at a 30 degree angle…#1 Male Urinal holds 425cc!


•Excellent for rehab, cardiac, stroke units.

•For use in bed, chairs, wheelchairs and cars.

•Appropriate for a man in recovery in home health, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

•Durable for the bariatric patient.  Crush resistant.

•Also appropriate for truckers, kids in cars, gamers, long distance car rides, camping, boating, airplanes; as well as military use.

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Contact us in Arlington, Virginia, for inquiries about our game-changing urinal bottle that resolves male incontinence issues.

Thank you for the great success and abundance with my inventions and work.  i always knew it would happen.  i am happy, healthy, rich, successful and creative.  i am free to have fun and enjoy the beauty and wonder of this life.   JOD HE VAU HE   SHEM HAM JAPHETH  I feel the success and manifestations of this creation.  My product is in  performance health, dr. leonards and there is a licensing agreement.  i am financially free without working!!!  Thank you God, Jesus and the Angels.  Please bless my work.