One change can make a big difference.

At Number One Male Urinal, we offer solutions that go beyond the provision of innovative health care products. We also provide you with advantageous caregiving and home health care information. 

Skin care.   Our skin becomes thinner as we age.  Skin can also be very delicate in recovery and easily torn or infected.  Keep your skin skin and dry.  Drinking water can help “plump” the skin and make it stronger.  Plus, the use of a quality skin barrier lotion can  help protect your skin from urine contact.   Be sure to watch your skin for signs of change such as redness and swelling.  Skin breakdowns can and should be caught early.  Talk to your Doctor about their plan of action for skin care.

Drink Water as recommended by your Physican.  The basic rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces!  Example: if you are 200 lbs…drink 100 oz.  If that seems like a lot…take sips all through the day and add a piece of fruit to flavor it.  Sorry…sodas, teas and coffee’s don’t count in your water total.  They actually dehydrate you.  Did you know that dehydration and impaction are two of the most major AND preventable problems.  Water keeps your bowels moving.  Drink up!

Exercise and be active.  Check with your Doctor and move whatever you can everyday.  Go for a walk, take a yoga class, dance or do some arm curls.  Mark it on your calendar everyday and you will quickly see how amazing and strong you are becoming.   Exercise assists with balance, mobility, flexibilty and increased serotonin the brain.  Exercise keeps your body flowing and your heart pumping.


Eat Healthy.  Your Mother was right…eat healthy!  To keep your skin strong and lower the risk of breakdowns, your body needs protein. Plus you need a variety of fresh food.  Strive to have your plate be as colorful as a rainbow with vegetables and fruit.  Be sure to limit processed foods. If you can put it under water and still eat it…it probably isn’t processed! 

Laughter really is the best medicine.  Get into a happy habit.  Tell a joke to your friend or watch a funny movie everyday.  Give yourself a daily dose of happy.   Laughing increases the oxygen in your body and relaxes you.  It has been known to lower blood pressure, give pain relief and enhance better sleep….plus it is free.   Laughter can make a big difference in your physical health and emotional well being

Sleep, relax and rest.  Let your body rest and repair….get some great sleep everyday.  Turn off the tech and relax.  Did you know that taking 10 deep breaths will change your body from fright and flight to rest and digest!  10 deep breaths resets your body.   Let your worries go; breathe in “happy”…blow out “stress”.   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Caregiving Support

Go about your daily home health care-related chores equipped with adequate knowledge and skills. Overcome the various challenges by knowing about processes that make caregiving tasks easier to do. Visit our Help Guide Articles for more helpful information.


Address bedsore problems or prevent this from happening with the appropriate know-how. Access Mayo Clinic Bedsores Information for more information about measures to prevent bedsores.

Elder Care

Federal nursing home regulations specifically stress that catheters are not allowed to be used on elderly patients to manage general incontinence owing to risks associated with their long-term use. For more about this, check out Elder Home Care Help


North Shore-LIJ Health System urologist, Dr. Farzeen Firoozi, in Manhasset, New York, says “Bladder and bowel incontinence is a highly prevalent disease that has emotional, health, social and economic impacts in the daily life of our elderly population in the U.S.” Know more about this by visiting HealthDay News.

Health Factors

 Studies show that major depression, hypertension, enlarged prostates, and old age contribute to increased risks of moderate to severe urinary incontinence in men. Learn how to address these issues by going to WebMD News.

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