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How do you know if someone needs assistance rather than doing it themselves? Once you make this assessment is becomes easier to determine if a caregiver or additional equipment might be needed.
Eldercare has a checkoff list to use to determine what type of care is needed. You might only need someone to help with medications or maybe with toileting. These types of tools are helpful for you to begin to look at your loved one or client with realistic eyes. Do you need some help for one hour or 6 hrs. or all day?

Most family members believe that they can take care of the person by themselves and they do. But there may be times when you need some help and this is the best way to do it. A professional care giver has the training, experience and background that you will want if you are temporarily turning over the responsibility of your loved one to another person.


Assist to bathroom
Assist to bedside commode
Assist with urinal/ bedpan
Incontinence care
Empty colostomy/ catheter bag.
(Caregiver is not able to assist with any other elements of colostomy or catheter care.)


Client’s laundry
Clean kitchen/dishes
Take out trash
Maintain bathroom cleanliness
Maintain bedroom/ vacuum/dust
Maintain living area/ vacuum/dust
Make bed/change linens
Oxygen turned on/off only


Bed bath/Sponge bath
Hair care
Apply make-up
Brush teeth
Assist with dressing
Medication reminders (After medicines have been set up/dispensed
by an RN or family member)


Menu planning
Prepare meals/snacks
Grocery shopping
Assist feeding
Encourage fluids
Restrict fluids

Do you have some other ideas or categories that you have found useful to assess your loved one for care? Please share them as everyone can benefit from lessons learned thru life.

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