Patricia Sands & Molly Riedel are Sisters.

It was from their personal and professional experiences that this product was created.

Patty Sands is a Military Widow and was theCaregiver to her Husband & Parents. She is the Mother of three & Grandmother. She was honored to be Outreach Liaison for the US Army Warrior Transition Command/Strategic Communications, Social Worker and Prevention Specialist.  She is the CEO of PC Sands, LLC and the Inventor of NUMBER ONE Male Urinal.

Molly Riedel has held Clinical Leadership roles and teaches Nursing at several Northern Virginia Universities including Marymount & Stratford. Molly Riedel has decades of personal experience in Caregiving with her Parents. Molly Riedel has her own private practice in Fairfax Virginia. She is the Mother to three and is active in a multitude of community service projects (locally & Internationally) with Arcola Methodist Church. Molly Riedel is the Vice President of PC Sands, LLC.

Their goal is to create solutions that enhance the quality of life for the patient, lessen the workload on the caregiver and save money.

We were inspired to create this product and business from two of our family members…Smiling Jack and Michael!


Thank you for the great success and abundance with my inventions and work.  i always knew it would happen.  i am happy, healthy, rich, successful and creative.  i am free to have fun and enjoy the beauty and wonder of this life.   JOD HE VAU HE   SHEM HAM JAPHETH  I feel the success and manifestations of this creation.  My product is in  performance health, dr. leonards and there is a licensing agreement.  i am financially free without working!!!  Thank you God, Jesus and the Angels.  Please bless my work.