Number One Male Urinal: A GREAT solution to a messy problem.

Would fewer urine spills make your life better and easier?

Our patented #1 male urinal bottle is tip, slip, and spill-resistant.  Our features are not to be found in typical male urinal bottles. Backed with decades of health care industry experience, product design expertise,  (and lots of hard work!)  we endeavor to provide caregivers and patients with clean and affordable health care products.

Plus, we keep improving—we have a new lid.  We listened to the comments and acted to make it better.  Let us know what you think!

What is the REAL cost of a Urinal that spills and the use of diapers and catheters?  Humiliation, exhaustion and frustration…and the risk of bedsores and urinary tract infections.  NUMBER ONE Male Urinal seeks to be the new standard for the industry and the first line product for male incontinence –so more invasive products are used less.

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NUMBER ONE Male Urinal was designed and patented by a Caregiver to be a great alternative to plastic urinal bottles that tip & spill.

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